What is it?

Urology is a medical-surgical area that manages the urinary and genital systems of men and women. This includes the treatment of organ pathologies such as the bladder, kidney, ureter, urethra, prostate, testicles, penis, and vagina.


The Urology service is enriched with a high range of instrumental and endoscopic possibilities of the genitourinary tract, not only for diagnosis, but for the treatment of different pathologies such as:

  • Kidney and prostate biopsies.

  • Trauma and reconstruction of all urogenital organs including penis and urethra.

  • Female Urology or Uro-Gynecology.

  • Varicocele: A frequent cause of sterility in men.

  • Urological Oncology: Cancer in all urogenital organs.

  • Neuro-Urology and Urodynamics: Called neuro-urology.

  • Endourology, lithiasis, and Urological laparoscopy: Extraction of urinary stones and laparoscopic surgery.

  • Endoscopies of the urinary system: Cystoscopy, nephroscopy, laparoscopy, and ureteroscopy.

  • Sexual and Reproductive Medicine: Sexual medicine and andrology. Erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, low sexual desire, hormonal problems, ejaculation disorders, penile curvatures, male infertility, and Peyronie’s disease).

  • Implantology: meshes and devices for incontinence, penile prostheses, neuromodulators, and neurostimulators.


Carlos Alberto Uribe Trujillo
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in Endourology. Head of the Urology Service.

José Jaime Correa Ochoa
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in Oncology

Carlos Humberto Martínez González
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in Oncology

Federico Gaviria Gil
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in reconstructive urology and urethra

Jorge Alejandro Gaviria Sánchez
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in general urology

Juan Fernando Uribe Asilah
M.D. Urologist subspecialist in sexual medicine

Adrian Ramiro Lopera
M.D. Urologist 

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