What is it?

The toxicology service focuses on treatment for patients who were in contact with any type of chemical or substance that has caused them any health problem. It may be voluntarily or involuntarily; the patient’s assessment determines the type of medication that will be used throughout their treatment and rehabilitation process.

Our services

It offers a general assessment service for the addict patient´s needs and directing them to the required program with diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of:

Occupational toxicology

Exposure to toxic or environmental chemicals constantly.

Drug reactions

Hospitalized patients suffering from adverse reactions.

Acute poisonings:

Patients who suffer poisoning with chemicals or poisons voluntarily or involuntarily.

Polymedicated treatment

Patients who take multiple medications for their diagnoses.

Psychoactive substance abuse

Patients who suffer poisoning from this type of substances and require detoxification and rehabilitation.

Offered Services

Smoking program: Provided by a toxicologist with training in addictions, which monitors the patient. When necessary, the support of a psychologist is implemented.

Alcoholism Program: It works with the toxicologist and the psychologist, however, this is  a more intensive program consisting of six additional specialties: psychiatry, hepatology, internal medicine,, social work, occupational therapy and nutrition, they work in a program that is also ambulatory.


Joaquín Ernesto López Lara
M.D. Toxicologist, Area Coordinator

Claudia Andrea Cortés López
M.D. Toxicologist

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