Emergency Room

What is it?

Emergency Medicine Service is a highly complex service that cares for patients of various pathologies focused on the complex subjects, trauma, cancer, transplant and pediatric patients.

Characteristics of an emergency

  • Chest pain with sweating and shortness of breath.
  • Fainting with loss of consciousness .
  • Mutilation accidents.
  • Falls, fractures or severe blows.
  • Heavy bleeding.
  • Sudden changes in mental abilities and/or muscle strength.
  • Unusually strong and sudden headache.
  • Cardiac or respiratory failure.
  • Fever in children under one year.
  • Appendicitis.
  • Poisonings.
  • Alterations in the mental state (does not recognize family members, misplaced in time or talk about inconsistencies).


The heliport operates only during daytime.


The patient is quickly evaluated by trained nurses who prioritize care, based on signs and symptoms of severity; 5 levels are classified. Patients are given greater priority and safety according to the complexity and severity degree of their situation.

Fast Track Area

An area dedicated to rapid care for minor emergencies in adult and pediatric patients. The fast track service has:

  • In-house physicians and orthopedists.
  • Independent area.
  • Exclusive waiting room.

Our service promise: Patient admission in less than 30 minutes, discharge in approximately 3 hours for minor and simple emergencies, after evaluation of the triage.

Emergency area

Urgent and emergency care for adult and pediatric patients. It has specialties 24 hours.

● Urgentologists.
● General Surgeons.
● Internist.
● Pediatritian.
● Orthopedics.
● Intoxicated.
● Isolation room.
● Observation rooms and initial care. 
● Orthopedics and traumatology.
● Attention area for patients with private policies.
● Pediatric specialists.
● Emergency specialist.




Diego Ericcson Giraldo Builes
M.D. Urgentologist

Sebastian Moreno Quimbay
M.D. Urgentologist

Lina Maria Escobar
M.D. Urgentologist

Juan Manuel Robledo
M.D. Urgentologist

David Alejandro Osorio
M.D. Urgentologist

Jaime Andrés Giraldo
M.D. Urgentologist, Head of Emergencies

Maria Claudia Rojas
M.D. Urgentologist 

Marcela Castro
M.D. Urgentologist

Alejandra Zuluaga
M.D. Urgentologist

Maria Claudia Uribe
M.D. Urgentologist

Sebastián Betancur
M.D. Urgentologist

Maria Nelly Milfort
M.D. Urgentologist

Contact information

+ 57 4 459425 International patient office.

+ 57 3174013663 International patient office.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Attention schedule

24 hours 7 days a week

Tower A, 2nd floor Adult Emergencies.
Tower A, 3rd floor Pediatric Emergencies.