Tourism and gastronomy

In Medellin there is a variety of food to try.

"Arepa": corn tortilla used mainly for breakfast, accompanied by a variety of ingredients like eggs, cheese (quesito) and butter. However it is served at other times of the day to accompany foods like paisa tray, "mondongo" and "sancocho".

"Mondongo": Prepared in soup with pork chunks, carrots, peas, cassava and potatoes, served with rice, banana and avocado.

"Sancocho": It consists of a variety of vegetables such as potatoes, cassava, plantain, banana, carrot, corn and beef or rib. Flavored with onion, tomato, cilantro, garlic and parsley. Additional to this is served with rice, banana and avocado.

"Bandeja Paisa": Leading exponent of the typical food of Medellin, consisting of beans, rice, ground beef, sausage, pork, fried egg, slice of ripe plantain, arepa, "hogao", avocado and milky maize pudding.

Milky maize pudding “Mazamorra”: It is mainly consumed as dessert of a bandeja paisa, it is a corn broth mixed with cold milk and accompanied by guava paste.

When you visit Medellin be sure to try our food, characterized by its good seasoning. In the city we have a variety of restaurants that can vouch for our good food.

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