City destination: Medellin

Advices and practical information about the city of everlasting spring.

Medellin is the capital of Antioquia, it situated in the middle of the Aburra valley, on the mountain range at a height of 1,538 meters above sea level and the average temperature is 24° Celsius. 

Throughout the year you only find two raining seasons on the spring of March and May; and the second from September to November. The rest of the year is dry but occasionally you may find some rain.

Medellin is well recognized as the second and holds the title as the second most important city of Colombia behind its capital Bogota, and it is considered as a commercial, industrial epicenter and technological development in the country. With a well recognized leadership in financial areas, banks, services, politics, art, culture, communications, fashion and entertainment achieving an outstanding role in Latin America and being a leader in development not only in the continent but worldwide. We must outstand that Medellin is the first city in Colombia with a complete integrated transport system that runs through all the metropolitan area. This makes us headquarters of organizations, institutions of regional, national and international characteristics and in the past years we have converted in major reference in Colombia for health tourism, congress tourism, events and sport tourism.

“paisas” which is how the people born in the city are called have given Medellin diverse nicknames, one of the most recognized is the city of eternal spring, la tacita de plata silver cup, mountain capital, Botero city and the flower capital, nicknames that could be seen when walking around the city or when talking with one of the people from the city, the paisas have been known to be entrepreneurs, visionaries and with great negotiating skills.


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